"I've known Danya for ages, and I can say that he has a unique charisma."
- Nikolay Baskov

Daniil Radaev has had a magical life since 2008.

Over these 15 years he managed to perform at a huge number of events across the country and abroad, enchanting with his art the employees of major corporations, politicians, businessmen, as well as multiple stars of Russian and international show business.

Daniil acted in front of a variety of audiences, performing for one person as well as for huge crowds.

So, where did it all start? When Daniil was 10, he was not allowed to attend a magician's performance because of poor behavior at school, which made him learn and start showing tricks of his own to spite his teacher.

It was just a hobby at first, the boy liked to astound his friends and acquaintances, but then invitations to various events started to arrive, and it grew into something bigger.

Daniil came up with new tricks, improving his performance each time.

And his efforts paid off when in 2014, Andrey Malakhov did a big interview with Daniil, and a year later, the Lucky Awards named him Lucky of the Year at their annual awards ceremony.

Daniil Radaev is one of the most sought-after illusionists in the Russian show business at the moment.


  • Born in the city of Samara
  • Talent of illusionist discovered at the age of 14
  • At the age of 15, Daniil first performed in front of a large audience in Yekaterinburg, for 40000 rubles
  • Moved to Moscow on his own at the age of 16
  • Became a daddy to an amazing son

You can book the illusionist’s performance here.
"How can you possibly keep trusting men?
After he yanks you around like that?!"
- Olga Buzova
Micromagic is one of the most complex and impressive spheres in the art of illusion, which is built on clever manipulations of the magician’s hands right in front of the audience's eyes. Daniil has great reverence for this direction as it is a manifestation of the real ingenuity and years of practice.

It is worth saying that not every illusionist can boast such skills. Such tricks require not only manual dexterity, you also need artistry for masterful control over the minds of spectators, who are carried away to such an extent that their attention smoothly shifts from conjuring tricks to the illusionist’s personality, as well as to the process of communicating with him.
"Daniil Radaev is my best student!
What he's doing is something incredible!"
- Alexander Revva
The illusionist's scenic performance is good for large audiences (both on permanent and improvised stages).

It is a memorable performance without big pieces of scenery, but with various interesting, incredible and unique tricks.
It also is a fully interactive program with members of the audience participating in each act, rather than just sitting at tables watching the show.
"If you ever encounter him - you're incredibly lucky!
I'm lucky! I've met him!"
- Ekaterina Varnava
"He's just a devil!"
- Vlad Sokolovsky
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